Skin Renewal + Rejuvenation

Essential Facial

Tailored to your individual needs. Natural enzymes are used to remove impurities, and extractions are performed, minimizing pores. You will be relaxed and refreshed; your skin will be deeply cleansed, firmed and toned, hydrated and younger looking. 60min

Microdermabrasion Facial

This non-invasive resurfacing procedure gently buffs away the surface layers of exhausted skin cells. It encourages cell turnover and nutrition absorption, improves skin elasticity and texture and enhances hydration. Includes face, neck and chest. 60min

Oxygen Therapy Facial

Powerful healing additives contained in customized serums including over 100 micronized vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes to help nourish, hydrate and deeply revitalize the skin. 60min

Lift + Contour Facial

Incorporates acupressure and lymph drainage which relieves puffiness for a more refined and contoured look. 60min

Gentlemen’s Facial

A man’s needs, as we all know, are quite different than those of a woman. This treatment will revitalize, refresh and improve your skin’s texture leaving it youthful and healthy. 60min

Teen Facial

Teaching your teenager proper skin care is essential. This treatment includes a personal skin consultation followed by a cleansing, softening steam, and deep cleaning of the pores, and finishes with a healing mask. The importance of proper skin care will be discussed to help build good skin care habits. Parental consent is required. (Ages 12-17) 40min

Purifying Back Treatment

Congestion happens here too. Helps clear blemishes and removes bacteria build-up on the back where it’s out of your reach. This will improve the appearance, texture, and health of your skin. Your back will be purified with enzymes and extractions and renewed with the use of microdermabrasion. 60min

Dermal Infusion Facial

A light and lovely facial that simultaneously refreshes, gently exfoliates, and delivers customized, rejuvenating solutions straight to your skin. This facial is outfitted with a diamond tip head to ensure you get the most out of this advanced microderm abrasion treatment. 60min